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Get to know Spectrum-i.

In the global marketplace, you need to know your vendors and business partners — your reputation depends on it. Spectrum-i will arm you with the knowledge you need to make a confident and well informed business decision. Our comprehensive due diligence investigations provide reliable intelligence for private-sector businesses and public-sector agencies.

Why Spectrum-i?
  • Global experience
  • Serving public and private sectors
  • Personal service
  • A history of trust

Our People

Spectrum-i experts collectively have more than 100 years of experience conducting international and domestic due diligence investigations. Our analysts are experienced researchers trained to identify and describe anomalies in information to help our clients truly know the people and companies with whom they are considering a business relationship. Our job does not end after you receive your report. We are a full-service, client-first firm that takes the time to answer your questions before, during and after the research process.

Our Process

Spectrum-i combs through a multitude of public-record databases, local intelligence sources, court records, regulatory checks, watch lists and sanctions lists, as well as wide-ranging media sweeps. We have access to the best information ... but we provide much more than raw data. We use our years of analytical experience to look beyond the surface of data and to delve further into potential red flags. Once identified, we explain the circumstances so our clients have the proper perspective when making critical decisions.

Our Product

Spectrum-i offers a clear, concise report that highlights areas of concern in an easy to review comprehensive report. We provide a thorough, multi-sourced, due diligence product to our clients, generally, for the purposes of fraud prevention/detection, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. We elaborate where red flags or potential trouble spots are identified, providing clients with the detail necessary to make informed business decisions. We offer a product that can consist of various scopes of analysis on domestic or foreign individuals and/or companies to our clients. During the research process, our analysts obtain and analyze information from several different sources. In addition, our analysts employ a structured approach to determine appropriate levels of supplementary risk analysis and identification of anomalies related to person(s) and/or companies being vetted. Clients may select from a list of standard packages that meet a broad range of needs, or they select their own report components to suit their particular needs.

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